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About Us

India is in a state of transformation from being a closed and protected economy to an open free market driven one. Such radical change throws up both economic opportunities and many dangers. Opportunities are in the form of new fields and technologies offering potential for growth, development and prosperity. The dangers lie in being marginalized and left behind due to ones inability to adapt to this fast pace of change.

The poor in India are most vulnerable to these dangers and also most ill-equipped to benefit from the changes. This has been the cause for concern of many social organizations and right-thinking individuals. In response a group of committed and prominent businessmen, bankers and other professionals decided to promote a community owned Co-operative Bank that would work towards eradication of poverty by harnessing existing skills and enterprise of the people. Thus was born Guardian Souharda Sahakari (Co-operative) Bank Niyamita (Limited).

The Guardian Bank brings together and addresses the needs of families belonging to the weaker strata of society such as small traders, technicians, artisans, masons, carpenters, plumbers, teachers, nurses, taxi drivers and many more. The Guardian Bank family consists of over 4,600 such members. The contributors are a few intellectuals, scientists, businessmen, and the church.