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CEO's Report

Prosperity through Integrity, the vision of Guardian Bank is the movang force behind its growth these past twenty years. As each financial year comes to an end, we realize how significant each year has been. As we retrospect and see the financial year that we have just completed, we realize that each year the challenge to keep ahead and succeed gets tougher. And inspite of all the challenges, we at Guardian Bank have been able to give personalized service to its customers through its five branches.

Financial Performance

Guardian Bank has ended the financial year with a profit of Rs. 151.59 lakhs. The profitability was achieved because of the clear guidance of the Board of Directors and the hard work of the staff. Our Share Capital stands at Rs.379.11 lakhs, our Reserves at Rs. 1692.17 lakhs and our total capital fund as of 31st March 2018 stands at Rs. 1687.61 lakhs. The Capital to Risk Assets Rao of the Bank is 23.75% as against a minimum of 8% that we have to maintain statutorily. There was an increase in the deposits during the year and we ended the year with Rs. 10510.33 lakhs. The total amount of advances was Rs. 5899.08 lakhs.

Training and Developement

Guardian Bank believes in leveraging the assortment of abilies of its people in its various departments. Previous training imparted by eminent subject maer experts at some point had to translate into acon – hence customer hours were extended. However the bank has been prudent in sending staff from various departments to off-site knowledge transfer programs dealing funcon specific banking topics such as recovery, fraud detecon, an money laundering, risk management, customer service, know-your-customer modules, etc.. In-house faculty now works at imparng training that deals with soer issues such as me management, leadership, problem solving, interpersonal skills, communication, quality, decision making, team work, etc.. Our staff are mentored to implement their learning and are provided the atmosphere in which to script their own growth. Talent is idenfied and deployed at the appropriate me to ensure a wholesome experience for the employee.

Inspection and Audit

Inspections and audits are essential to any bank, Guardian Bank being no excepon. On a monthly basis the Concurrent Auditor presents to the Board a report on the audited books of accounts. The Statutory Audit is conducted at the end of the financial year and the finalized accounts are placed before the General Body and sent to the Reserve Bank of India as well. The RBI Officials had inspected Guardian Bank and have submied an encouraging report. The RBI Officials also noted the posive financial results, the control the Bank held on its NPA and the sincerity of our staff in doing a job well done.

Team Building

Team building has become an important aspect of every organization where staff are movated to work together thereby improving the producvity of the staff and the organizaon. We at Guardian Bank also believe that team building is essenal for the growth of the staff and the organizaon. Every event organized by the bank was looked upon as a team building exercise where the staff was entrusted with responsibilies that promoted team work. The picnic organized by the bank was the highlight of the team building exercise. The talents of different staff were noced and appreciated creang a healthy bond among the employees.

Our Branches

Each of our 5 branches give personalized service to our members and customers. The Branch managers and staff have been trained to give the best in terms of customer service. Each branch has contributed to the profitability of the bank in the last financial year. Branch Managers train their staff as an ongoing exercise. All our branches except the main branch are located in areas where there are not many banks and hence they are able to serve the community to a great extent.


We are very grateful to all the instuons that have opened their instutional accounts with us. This has helped us to serve the members of our community beer. We hope that many more instutions will come forward to have a banking relationship with us and by serving these instutions we will be able to be able to reach out to the larger community.

Our members and customers have helped us grow by establishing a banking relationship with us. We thank them for their valuable suggesons and advice which has helped us to be what we are today. We encourage all our members to avail of the banking facilies and enable your bank to grow.

All our banking consultants have been a great help to us with their invaluable advice be it on legal issues or banking related issues. We are grateful to the service that they have rendered to us. The Board of Directors has been a great source of inspiraon and encouragement to us. They have guided us with their wealth of knowledge and shown us their dedicaon by their commitment to spearhead the various commiees. The different commiees have helped to formulate systems, policies and procedures which have been appreciated by the regulang authortiies.

We acknowledge the presence of God Almighty, who has guided us and helped us to fulfill the responsibility of serving His community.