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Grow your savings with regular savings account.

Minimum Amount

FDs can be opened with a minimum amount of Rs.1000

Insured under DICGC

The amount invested is insured to the extent of Rs.1 lakhs.

Flexible interest payout

FDs is paid out monthly, quarterly, ½ yrly or on Maturity.

  • FDs can be opened for a minimum period 15 days.
  • Interest on FDs is paid out as per the customer choice i.e., monthly, quarterly, ½ yrly or on Maturity.
  • NO Pre closure penalty is applied if the customer is reinvesting in different scheme in the bank.
  • FD are instruments with fixed returns with less risk compared to Mutual fund, gold etc
  • Senior Citizen gets an additional benefit of 0.5% interest over the rate offered to regular citizens.
  • Fund transfers: Use NEFT or RTGS to transfer funds anywhere in India with minimal charge